Training & Full Nutrition Package Subscription


Bi-monthly payment of

$199.97 cad

The Training & Full Nutrition Package gives you everything you need to get you towards your fitness goals!


Empowered Athletics will create a customized training program, custom example meal plan and give you custom macro and calorie targets. This is all built for you based on our comprehensive client questionnaire.


What you get:

Every 8 weeks you be sent a new training program, new meal plan and new recipes. You will also have your macro targets reviewed.


2 weeks before you receive your updated program you will be sent a follow-up questionnaire asking about your experience with your previous plan in order to build your updated program.


Please allow up to 5 business days to receive your program.

No long-term commitment. Cancel at anytime.

*Please note that upon purchase, you will be sent a link to a questionnaire that must be filled out in order for your coach to build your plan. You will be asked to provide current progress pictures to show your coach where your physique is at currently. These pictures are completely private and are for coach’s eyes only. The program cannot be sent until the questionnaire is returned and complete. The Training & Full Nutrition Package is not indicative of a coaching relationship.*

*This plan is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor as a substitute for medical treatment, nor as an alternative to medical advice. Use of the plan herein is at the sole choice and risk of the customer.*

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a coaching relationship?


A: No, this option is not a coaching relationship. If you’re interested in coaching, you can fill out an application here.


Q: Does this include check-ins?


A: No, it does not. Check-ins are for coaching clients only.


Q: What is the difference between a coaching relationship and this option?


A: A coaching relationship is a more hands-on relationship that includes 24/7 coach communication, weekly check-ins with on-going feedback and plan adjustments from your coach. If you are interested in a coaching relationship please click here.

Q: How long will it take to get my program/plan?

A: Once your questionnaire has been filled out the average time to receive your customized program/plan is 5 business days.


Q: How do I get feedback or ask questions?

A: You can email questions to the email provided to you when you sign up. You can expect an email response in 1-2 business days.

Why are updates made bi-monthly?


A: Generally the minimum amount of time you want to run a fitness program/plan is 2 months. Any shorter than this is generally not enough time to progress or determine if the plan was effective. There are certain situations that may require changes in a shorter amount of time, but for most people 2 months is effective.


Q: How do I cancel or pause my subscription?


A: You can cancel your subscription at any time by email. You cannot pause your subscription at this time. You can sign up with a new subscription when you are ready. Canceling subscriptions requires a 30-day notice from your next training program update.


Q: How often will I be billed?


A: You will be billed every 2nd month starting from the day you sign up. If you subscribe on May 1st, for example, you will be automatically billed on July 1st, September 1st, and so on until you manually cancel your subscription.

Q: How often should I submit my follow-up?


A: A month before your next program update you will be sent a follow-up form. Your follow up form needs to be filled out 2 weeks before your next scheduled training program update.

Q: Is the training program 100% tailored towards me, my needs, and equipment? Even if I have limited equipment or a home gym?


A: Yes, the custom training program is for you and only you. This includes limited equipment or a home gym.

Q: Is the full nutrition plan 100% tailored towards me?


A: Yes, your full nutrition package is built for you and only you.

Q: Will my full nutrition plan change every 2 months?


A: You will  always receive an updated customized example meal plan that includes new recipes every 2 months. You will not necessarily receive changes for your macro targets. Macro targets are set based on you and your goals. If your current macro targets are progressing you properly towards your goals they may not change. Macro targets are always reviewed every 2 months and if there are necessary changes they will be made at that time.

Q: Will my coach give me a meal plan or tell me what to eat and how much on a daily basis?


A: The full nutrition package does include a customized example meal plan that you can follow, however it is recommended that you use this as a guide and you are encouraged to find foods that you enjoy and fit them into your custom macro targets.

Q: Who is this option best suited for?


A: This option is best suited for anyone who is looking for a custom training plan and is either new to macro targets or wants to take the guesswork out of macro tracking with an easy to follow nutrition plan example. This option also does not include check-ins.