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The Thrust Is a Must

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Some people think that only girls can do the hip thrust.

That’s a lie.

Just like Santa.

Everyone can do the thrust.

The thrust does not see gender, race or religion.

It only sees booty gains.

#Bootygains to be exact.

Strong glutes are important.

They are one of the strongest muscles in the body.

They help with all major lower body movements.

They make you a better athlete.

Plus, they make you look great in tight jeans.

Just don’t make eye contact with anyone while doing them in the gym.

Unless you know them really well.


Some of you reading this may think that deadlifts and squats are enough to build a great booty.

And though both of those are great exercises and the glutes are involved, they are not enough.

The glute activation on those exercises is actually quite low when compared to the hip thrust.

This has been shown in studies, but if you haven’t done hip thrusts before, give it a try.

You won’t need a study to feel that ass engagement.

Let’s breakdown how to become a thrust master.

Yeah I said it, THRUST MASTER!!

Gotta love the innuendo you can use with this exercise. :)

Rather than me try to break it down for you, I’m going to pass it off to Bret Contreras.

He has done a ton of research on glute activation and has rightfully become known as ‘The Glute Guy’.

But I prefer to call him ‘The Glute God’.

Has a better ring I’d say.

Anyways here is Bret breaking down the hip thrust.

Now how can you incorporate the hip thrust into your current training?

Well the Hip Thrust is considered a hip hinge exercise, just like the deadlift (and deadlift variations) which hopefully you’re already doing.

An easy way to pop the hip thrust into a routine is drop your deadlift sets by a third up to a half then add 2 - 3 sets of hip thrusts.

So for example, if you are currently doing 4 sets of deadlifts, drop it to 2 sets and add 2 sets of hip thrusts.

If you are doing both deadlifts and a deadlift variations such as stiff leg deadlifts or cable pull throughs in your routine, I would recommend instead to swap out those deadlift variations for hip thrust.

There you have it, now thrust away my friends.

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