I have tried multiple different programs for weight loss and general health but none had really worked for me due to lack of actual knowledge I received from the programs themselves. How to lift? What to eat? Am I lifting right? Etc…. these were questions that were answered from the beginning using Empowered Athletics.


I actually enjoyed myself during the program which I never thought I actually would. I found myself being very competitive with myself and my scale and trying to get my weight down every morning. The weight graph was a huge eye opener and I was able to map my progress and see how just one day can undo a week of work. Planning my meals for the week was also fun, finding out what works and what didn’t, but making everything for the week actually freed up time and took the guesswork from eating.

- Paulo

I had past experience working out following my own plan but didn't get nearly as good results as I did during this challenge. I've gained nearly 12 pounds in a 3-month span! I've learned how nutrition is just as important as working out in order to get great results. Previously I had the mentality that if I just eat a lot that it should be enough. Bobby did a great job being approachable and helping to educate me on any areas I had questions on."

- Michael

I've done other fitness and diet plans in the past but they worked for a bit but I could never stick to them. Mostly because I was eating foods I don't like and working out for hours. This program fits into my lifestyle and I eat "normal" foods. My motivation was and is my kids. I want to be a good example to them. This experience has changed my outlook on fitness and nutrition by showing me it can be done and in a sustainable way.

- Pam

Bobby was able to develop a training method and nutrition plan that fit my hectic needs of a work and family balance. His methods made eating healthy and going to the gym fun again, to the point that if I were to miss a day at the gym or miss tracking a meal I actually feel disappointed but only because I want to do my very best every day. Flexible dieting has been a godsend and the results of my hard work make me want to train harder and harder each time. 


When I think of my fitness future I can only see good things on the horizon and I owe a big part of that outlook to Bobby and Empowered Athletics. I look forward to continuing my journey and I know Bobby will be there to help me progress and improve. Thanks, brother.

- Cody


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